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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Web Starter Success Guide Edition 2009

Ever had a killer business idea for the Web, but you don t know the
first thing about starting your own company? You re not alone. In
today s Internet driven economy, web based startups are transforming
not just the IT industry, but also the world we live in. And the ability
to dive into your own startup has never been more accessible to anyone.

Like a map for those lost in the quagmire of planning, payments, and
partnerships, The Web Startup Success Guide is your one stop shop for
all of the answers you need today to build a successful web startup in
these challenging economic times. Bob Walsh, author of the landmark Micro
ISV: From Vision to Reality, digs deep into the definition, financing,
community building, platform options, and productivity challenges of
building a successful and profitable web application today.



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