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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anti Tank Weapons

Author: John Norris
Release: 1997
Publisher: Brassey's Inc
Format: PDF 143 pages
ISBN: 1857531779 (1-85753-177-9)
ISBN 13: 9781857531770 (978-1-85753-177-0)
List Price: $32.95

The impact of the tank in any conflict scenario is well recognized. Heavily armored, carrying formidable firepower, capable of traveling at speed in any weather across almost any terrain. The requirement for effective anti-tank systems is, therefore, of paramount concern to all armed forces of all nations. This volume describes all systems commonly available today. From shoulder-fired ATGWs, through to the new and highly sophisticated "fire-and-forget" ground-based and airborne systems. This is an easy-to-use guide to an essential element of a fighting power's deterrent.



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