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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MySpace For Dummies

MySpace For Dummies

Product Description
MySpace has more than 100 million active users. For many of them, MySpace is their central hub for connecting and communicating. They come to meet new people, keep up to date with family members, learn about new products and services, or catch up on the latest news. They come to check out blogs or to share their music. Don’t you just love the MySpace community?
What — you don’t have a MySpace page yet? Well, we can fix that!

Whether you’ve just decided to join MySpace, need to give your profile more pizzazz, or simply want to find out as much about MySpace as your teenager already knows, MySpace For Dummies, Second Edition has what you’re looking for. Find out how to get started, use MySpace safely, customize your page, start a blog, showcase your skills, and lots more. This friendly guide will help you:

Open an account and set up your profile
Turn on and use the MySpace safety and security tools
Find and add friends to your profile
Stay in touch by e-mail, bulletins, and profile comments
Sell, buy, and market on MySpace
Show off your talents as a filmmaker, author, comic, or musician
Upgrade your profile with photos, music, and a whole new look
Everything’s arranged to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. With MySpace For Dummies, Second Edition, you can easily make your MySpace experience truly exceptional!



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